LED Chip Manufacturing

The International LED market is booming. For a long time now, thanks to their high efficiency and longevity, light-emitting diodes have presented a future-oriented alternative to conventional lighting. In this context, LED technology has proven it’s potential to be a game changer for the industry, with well-publicized environmental and technological advantages compared to conventional lighting. Asia is projected to be one of the highest growth regions and account for major part of rising global lighting market. The primary growth drivers in Asia are high construction rates, major government funding for high efficiency building lighting, and replacement of existing outdoor lighting infrastructure. In addition to becoming the major LED lighting consumer, Asia is expected to be the chief supplier of led chips and packages with product demand and component supply moving to asia, companies need to optimize their portfolio and global footprint to stay competitive. Manufacturers need to develop tailored products that address the unique needs and preferences of the market. To enable growth in the industry SIMCO provides complete turnkey solution and expertise to manufacture LED chips.

SIMCO offers world renowned MOCVD and MBE tool which are vital tools for LED chip manufacturing.